About Us

We are legal and tech experts dedicated to protecting those who confirm identity.
Our team creates detailed content about real IDs and fake IDs so you can tell the difference.
We also create detailed content about laws that apply to people and industries required to check ID.
We help law enforcement, government agencies and private industry.
We're driven. We're passionate.
Our mission is saving lives and livelihoods.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Susan Dworak, Chief Executive Officer

Regulatory analyst and legal compliance expert. Trains attorneys, officers, management and staff in multiple industries from emerging brands to public companies. Collects unique art pieces. Rescues boxer dogs. Often found at, over or under water at remote shorelines around the world. BA, Political Science, UCLA. JD, Santa Clara University School of Law. Nasdaq Milestone Maker and Draper University Startup Hero.

Sonya Sigler, Chief Operating Officer

Corporate strategist. Coach in operations, legal and business development serving start-ups and other high-growth companies. Legal in-house counsel experience with Sega, Intuit and analytics-based software companies. Fundraising guru and community leader. Staunch advocate, especially for women in technology. Passions include her three sons, traveling to see friends and family around the world, and handiwork. BA in Philosophy, Minor in Music, UC Berkeley. JD, Santa Clara University School of Law.

Roger Slykhouse, Chief Technology Officer

Tech guru and rocket scientist. Extensive experience in IT project management, hardware and software development, financial estimation and tracking and other fun stuff at NASA, Southwest Research Institute and General Motors. Interests include gardening, windsurfing, investing, making cool things using electronics, laser cutters, 3D printers and other tools, traveling and helping with good causes. BSE, Aerospace Engineering, UM Ann Arbor. BSE, Computer Engineering, UM Ann Arbor. MS Business, Johns Hopkins. MS, IT, Carnegie Mellon Heinz School. MS, Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon SCS.

Jill Finlayson, Chief Marketing Officer

Expert strategy consultant. Worked with World Bank on Striking Poverty, Team4Tech, Irvine Foundation, Skoll Foundation and eBay. For more than 25 years Jill has been building online communities, growing thought leadership, and leading marketing and branding for Silicon Valley nonprofits and startups. Mentors TechWomen from Algeria, Kenya and Egypt and previously co-chaired TechWomen Alumnae network. Passionate about entrepreneurship, open government, tech for good, education, innovation, women, and leadership. BA, Political Economy, UC Berkeley.

Maryanne Pedersen, Senior Project Manager

Research phenom. Expert in the art of locating data and the elusive needle in a haystack. Experienced in project management, training, deliverables calculation, resource coordination and communication strategy. Passions include CrossFit, weight lifting and traveling. BA, Political Science, and MPA, Masters in Public Administration, National University.

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