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This Privacy Statement (referred to herein as "Statement") applies to the Real Identities, LLC (referred to herein as "we," "us," and/or "our") website, the ID.TRAINING application (referred to herein as "app"), and/or technology, including any content of our website, app, and/or related technology (individually, jointly, and/or collectively referred to herein as "Technology").

This Statement governs data and information collected and/or used by us and also procedures and other practices related to any data and/or information collection and/or usage (referred to herein as "Information Practices") related to your use of our Technology. The terms "use," "used," and/or "using" as specified herein shall include without limitation in their meaning your use, access, reliance on, application of, and/or interaction with our Technology. By using our Technology you (referred to herein as "you" and "your") consent to our Information Practices.

We may update this Statement without notice. You are advised to review the Statement periodically. If you do not agree with this Statement do not use our Technology. Your use of our Technology will be conclusive evidence of your acceptance of this Statement and your acceptance of our Information Practices.

Our Technology incorporates and uses cookies and related processes to enhance the quality, value, and/or speed of your browsing. We collect data and information about the computer hardware and software you use to use, access, browse, and/or interact with our Technology, which allows us to, among other things, obtain statistics and analytics about the use of our Technology.

To provide our Technology to you we must collect personally identifiable information and data (individually, jointly, and/or collectively referred to herein as "PII") which can include, without limitation, your name, address, email address, and/or other identifying information. Also, we collect information and data not unique or specific to you which can include demographic and related information, browsing preferences, interests, and/or trends.

We follow reasonable industry standards to protect PII and data collected or identified by us from illegal, improper, and/or unauthorized access, use, and/or disclosure by, among other practices, using computer servers in secure environments. We make no representation or warranty that any PII, including PII provided by you and/or by anyone on your behalf including, but not limited to, your employers, agents, representatives, and/or other third parties, will remain inviolate. You assume the risk of all loss and/or liability related to any use of our Technology without recourse to us.

Inquiries, comments, or other communication regarding this Statement may be directed in writing to Info (at) or Real Identities, LLC, 555 Bryant Street #818, Palo Alto, CA 94301.

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